Bryn and Dane’s Healthy Fast Food – 400 Privet Road Horsham, PA 19044

Bryn and Dane’s Healthy Fast Food – 400 Privet Road Horsham, PA 19044

Feb 17

This is where kids SHOULD eat for fast food.

Usually, I don’t reveiw fast food places, but this one is healthier than Mc Donald’s and Burger King. This place has Kid Friendly AND Kid Healthy written all over it! This place is also Gluten Free! I had one of their delicious wraps, the Charleston Honey. This wrap has: fresh tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, fat-free mozzerella, and crisp romaine wrapped around grilled chicken breast with their homemade fat-free honey mustard sauce. Cal. 268 / Carb 22/ Fat 4/ Fib. 11 /Prot. 36. For a side, I had white chedder popcorn. There is a whole rack of savory and sweet popcorns to choose from! For a drink, I had healthy, tart, and sweet, Italian lemon soda! I usually don’t drink soda, but this soda looked good. My dad had the Tennesee Bleu Wrap, which had crispy golden chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, and fat-free Wisconsin cheddar, all drenched in a spicy homeade Tennesee Bleu Sauce.  Cal. 269 / Carb 21/ Fat 5/ Fib. 11 /Prot. 35. He also got a side of sweet potato fries.

brynanddanes popcornbrynanddaneslunchThis place has a drive through, and a fake tree on the inside! If you get a coffie, you can add lots of good things to it! And, if you are a vegetarian, you can swap out chicken for 3 other choices (Black Bean Burger, Organic Vegan Burger, Portabello Mushroom)!

Hey Kids! This is where you should be eating for fast food. They have lots of kid-friendly options.

Hey Parents! The portion size is big, but good. I hope you enjoy this place!

2 thumbs up out of 2! Healthy fast food! Finally! When other places don’t give you healthy options, go here. visit their Facebook Page at: .