The Butcher and Barkeep – 712 Main Street, Harleysville, PA 19438

The Butcher and Barkeep – 712 Main Street, Harleysville, PA 19438

May 31

Delicious! I recently went to The Butcher and Barkeep to find another Kid Friendly Restaurant to share with my readers, and had an unforgettable meal! Sadly, it was a special, so it might not be available when you go. I had a crispy, tempura-battered, soft shell crab with sweet, roasted watermelon, crisp, fresh, pea shoots, and spicy Creole mustard. butcher and barkeep I had never had soft shell crab before, and my parents told me that I must try it! So, I did, and I can tell you, YOU must try it! Oh my gosh, it was the most scrumptious seafood dish I’ve ever had. Soft shell crab is kid friendly, too, because you just plow through the whole thing until not a speck is left! You eat the shell, the legs, (even the claws!). It really is a fun kid friendly experience, eating a soft shell crab, so next time it is available, you must try it! To wash it down, I had tart, toothsome, kid friendly lemonade. For an appetizer, my parents and I all split a plate of garlic parmesan wings. They have a bit of a bite to them, but otherwise, they are kid friendly, messy, and scrumptious. For dessert, I had a brownie sundae. An out of this world family recipe brownie with Freddy Hill Farms Chocolate ice cream. Together, these two beloved desserts make a kid friendly, delicious combo. There are many welcoming decorations in the restaurant, (example: We Can Do It! poster in the ladies room). Our waitress was peppy, and always there when we needed her.

*One special thing to note is that they specialize in always having 5 constant items on the menu. Wings, Flatbread, Mussels, Soup, and a Cheese Plate. These change on a regular basis, and make you keep coming back to try the latest and greatest.

Hey Parents! There is a huge bar here, but the environment is still kid friendly. Consider taking your family here! My parents said that the Small Plates can be fun to share.

Hey Kids! There are delicious choices on the kid’s menu, but I’d suggest getting the chicken and waffles on the adult menu.

I rate this place 2 thumbs up out of 2; the food is spontaneous, the service is kid friendly, and the environment is kid friendly.

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