Cantina Feliz – 424 South Bethlehem Pike Fort Washington, PA 19034

Cantina Feliz – 424 South Bethlehem Pike Fort Washington, PA 19034

May 18

Cantina Feliz is like-Brooke central! I love Mexican food, and there are sugar skulls and skeletons everywhere! (well, almost) The food is awesome! Well, lets start with my drink, which will surprise you-a non-alcoholic margarita! Cool right? I liked it. Probably NOT a kid friendly drink, but there are way more options provided. To eat, I had an Al Carbon Taco. cantina felizIt comes with cilantro, onions, (I asked for no onions) salsa, refried beans, and tortillas. Finally, your choice of chicken, steak, or grilled fish (I had chicken). It is soooo good! You even get to build your own tacos! That is kid friendly! Oops! I almost forgot my side. My parents and I all shared salsa and chips with guacamole! One of my favorites. And for desert, my family shared the “Domingo” sundae a brownie sundae with peanut-caramel-popcorn and churros ice cream. Sadly, they were out of churros ice cream, so we settled for roasted banana ice cream. This was the BEST sundae I’ve ever had. When it gets to you, it seems to say: “I am totally kid friendly! would you like to eat me???” And I bet everyone’s thinking “Popcorn on ice cream? I’m not sure…” But it is awesome! As I mentioned earlier, There’s lots of skeletons everywhere!


Hey Kids! There is a kid’s menu.(I didn’order from it) But try to be adventurous like me! Also the waitresses are kid-friendly to the children.

Hey Parents! There’s a whole page of margaritas, and they have a happy hour. But this place is for special occasions.

I like Cantina Feliz. It sure is a fantasia* (*Spanish for fancy) restaurant. It is a great kid friendly restaurant, and the food rocks!

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Hope you guys have a good experience here!