Cross Keys Diner – 4125 E Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902

Cross Keys Diner – 4125 E Swamp Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902

Sep 30

Sorry for the delay, everybody, I’ve been busy with Back-to-School stuff. But, I’m back with kid friendly restaurant reviews! 🙂

Mmmm! A little bit ago, I visited Cross Keys Diner in Doylestown, PA and had a delicious and gourmet kid-friendly breakfast! Yum! I had a delicious omelet with smoky Gruyere cheese, savory prosciutto, hearty spinach, and mouth-watering Portabella mushrooms. Oh, and don’t forget the fresh sautéed potatoes on the side. cross keysSounds a bit (okay, a lot) gourmet for a child’s palette, but I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂 For a drink, I had tart orange juice. YUM! What a perfect way to start the day! A special thing about Cross Keys is that if you order a coffee, It comes in a cool mug that might have Santa or many other common mug designs on yours! The service is totally kid friendly because the waitresses are perky and stay on top of things. The environment is kid friendly because it’s retro but modern at the same time! A fun fact is that when my parents were dating many years ago, this used to be their favorite breakfast spot. I’m glad to see that it is still around, and that I got to experience it.

Hey Kids! There is no kids menu, but I suggest picking a kid friendly dish that also appeals to the senses.

Hey Parents! This place is swell, but always busy. I advise coming here if you are patient for waiting, but otherwise, it’s totally worth the experience.

This place I rate 2 thumbs up out of 2! It’s kid friendly, but keep in mind that it can be very crowded.

They don’t have a website 🙁 but check out their restaurant! You can check out Google Plus for hours: