Mel’s Kitchen – 5001 Umbria St. Philadelphia, PA 19128

Mel’s Kitchen – 5001 Umbria St. Philadelphia, PA 19128

Aug 29

Kid Friendly Restaurant update! Yesterday, I went to Mel’s Kitchen in Philadelphia, PA. Sorry for the long term hiatus everybody! I’ve been having an awesome Summer!

Mel’s is really, REALLY tasty! It is small, but quaint. We sat at the counter and all of the staff was really kid friendly! I enjoyed talking to them! To eat, I had the special, a turkey burger with roasted red peppers, fried onions, arugula, provolone cheese,and roasted garlic aioli on a bun.mels kitchen It was so succulent and juicy, everyone was surprised that I finished it! I had a water to wash it all down. The chef was a really cool guy, we all enjoyed talking to him and our waitress too. So I would definitely recommend this place, because you really get to bond with the staff. The chef and I even talked about the Weird Al concert that we both went to recently. So much fun!

Hey Kids! There is no no kid’s menu, but hey, you don’t need one at a place with food this good!

Hey Parents! There is a nice family-friendly environment here, so enjoy! I know you will!

I would defiantly give this place 2 thumbs up out of 2, The service, food, and atmosphere are all splendid!

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You probably won’t be able to get my burger, it was a special! But I’m sure you will enjoy all of the other meals there! My parents sure did. After you are done your visit, you can head over to popular Manayunk and take in the local sites.