Percy Street Barbecue – 900 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Percy Street Barbecue – 900 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19147

Oct 12

Yum! I recently went to the kid friendly restaurant, Percy Street Barbecue in Philadelphia, and had a lunch to fit a Queen! For a drink, I had sugary and sweet iced tea (which I got a refill on). For an appetizer, I enjoyed scrumptious pulled pork and cheese french fries (WOW!). These are to die for! It sounds like an odd combination at first, but it’s worth trying something new like this! To eat for an entree, I had pulled pork on a potato roll, with a creamy citrusy cole slaw that delighted my taste buds, and baked beans that contained the yummy, smoky black edges of pulled pork. percy sandwichThese were all delicious, AND I took some home as leftovers. Although, I had to save room for minty, and chocolaty grasshopper pie for dessert 🙂 This was my first and very delicious grasshopper pie experience. percy dessertAt Percy Street BBQ, the place is set to look like a cookout! there are various picnic tables and wooden chairs. There is also huge garage doors that open to the street, with outdoor seating as well. Large chalkboards show the Specials at the restaurant. Overall, the environment is very kid friendly.

Hey Kids! There is no kids menu, but I’m sure you’ll find a kid friendly barbecue favorite on Percy Street Barbecue’s menu.

Hey parents! This is a great place to come to eat! Enjoy! My parents said that there are over 200 beers on the menu, and they all come in cans. Might be a good date night destination…

Overall, this place deserves 2 thumbs up out of 2 for their truly kid friendly joint. This was a special stop for my Birthday, and I would certainly stop here again! The kid friendly service was good. The place was packed, so the serviced slowed a little, but depending on when you go, it could be a little quicker.

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