PF Changs – 721 Easton Road Warrington, PA 18976

PF Changs – 721 Easton Road Warrington, PA 18976

Jan 21

Check out my latest Kid Friendly Restaurant visit.

Wow! I just went to PF Changs for Lunch! I had Won Ton soup. This was no ordinary Won Ton soup, it had lots of things I love. Such as, water chestnuts, chicken, dumplings, shrimp, and more scrumptious things!

pf changs

For a main course I had shrimp lo mein. It was a bit messy, but hey, it was worth it! I savored the sauce, shrimp, and noodles! To wash down my wondrous meal, I had sweet lemonade.

This place has chinese themed decorations, which make it nice and cultural.

Hey Parents! PF Changs is a nice place for you and kid or kids!

Hey Kids! I did not order from the kids menu. Try new things! The waitresses are really nice. enjoy!

This place gets 2 thumbs up. I have enjoyed it for a while. I love their food, just haven’t shared it through my blog until now. I feel they also provided Kid Friendly Service. If you order from the kid’s menu, they give you wiki sticks to play with while you wait for your meal.