Pho & More – Montgomery Commons 1200 Welsh Road North Wales, PA 19454

Pho & More – Montgomery Commons 1200 Welsh Road North Wales, PA 19454

Jun 04

This is a new kind of food to be trying… sometimes hard to pronounce, but definitely Kid Friendly! I had the Pho Rau & Tofu. Or P19 if you can’t say it. Yum! Famous rice noodle soup, mixed vegetables and tofu… pho and morewhat a healthy soup to encourage your kids to eat healthier! Did you know? If you eat Pho during your allergy season, this will make you feel better with the ginger added in. For an appetizer, I had some spring rolls (A-6) which have succulent pork, shredded lettuce, and more! Finally, for a drink, I had a pomegranate fruit smoothie. Sweet! But to be honest, it tasted like cotton candy. This place is well… really nice! There are beautiful pieces of artwork here, and the silverware is very decorative. Kid friendly! And the service is awesome! I forgot to mention the delicious peanut sauce that came with my food! Sweet.

Hey Kids! Please come here! There’s not a kid’s menu, but a kid’s version of Pho though to get you started! Talk about trying new things in a kid-friendly way!

Hey Parents! Awesome place, but it’s best to come in the winter (hot soup), or when you don’t feel well, or just for fun! Hope you have a great experience to!

2 thumbs up out of 2! Kid friendly, great food and service, It’s the place to be!

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Hope all of you Bites with Brooke fans enjoy this place too!