Pho Thai Nam 144 West Germantown Pike East Norriton

Pho Thai Nam 144 West Germantown Pike East Norriton

Jan 17

Yum! I just went to Pho Thai Nam, and I love myself some Kid Friendly Vietnamese food! I ordered my favorite, Pad Thai with tofu. Something about the combination of pad Thai noodles, vegetables and tofu makes this my favorite Vietnamese meal. Pho Tai NamI also had some hot tea to wash it down, and I didn’t need to add sugar to make this tea great. Hot tea is delicious even on its own. I just love hot tea! Any who, I really enjoyed the decor in this restaurant! There are tiny and colorful origami paper cranes hung around the restaurant, and they give the place a vibrant and joyful feel. Very kid friendly! Our server was also really friendly, so this place had an all around great feel!

Hey Kids! There was no kid’s menu, but that’s OK! You could always get the kid’s Pho if you want, I haven’t had it yet, but it sounded yummy! I recommend the pad thai!

Hey Parents! This place was amazing! It’s a great place to come with your kids, or your friends, etc. My parents had the Vietnamese coffee, and they would totally recommend it! They say it’s a whole different experience! If you like coffee, give it a shot! I would definitely recommend this place.

So, I would give this place 3 thumbs up out of 2, except, I only have two thumbs…..I’ll make it work.

There was an over 20 minute wait for us on a Friday night, and it was extremely crowded. That must mean it’s good!

Anyways, if you want outstanding food, great service and great atmosphere, Come to Pho Thai Nam! Even if you’ve never had Vietnamese food, check it out! I totally recommend this place!

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