Rey Azteca – 80 N. York Road Warminster, PA 18974

Rey Azteca – 80 N. York Road Warminster, PA 18974

Feb 16

Hola! I just went to Rey Azteca and had some delicious Authentic Mexican food! This is my latest kid friendly Mexican restaurants stop. Here I ordered  the Pollo Con Crema (pronounced: po-yo kon kreyma) which is grilled chicken strips cooked in sour cream sauce with rice, beans, and three flour tortillas on the side. This dish is kid friendly because you can stuff the three soft tortillas with all of the creamy chicken and delectable sides to form three delicious tacos. rey aztecaYum! That’s exactly what I did. Additionally, to wash it all down, I had (my usual) sweet lemonade! Rey Azteca is an authentic restaurant that is decorated to make it feel like Mexico when you walk in. The staff are all kid friendly, so it is a warm and welcoming environment.

Fun Fact: My parents told me that this location use to be home to a Pizza Hut. You definitely can’t tell by what it looks like now.

Hey kids! There is a kid’s menu-but I didn’t order order off of it. Though, you might want to! They have enchiladas, burritos, etc. but try something new if you feel like it! There were quite a few kids there during  my visit. That’s a good sign!

Hey Parents! This is a great place for you and your kids. the food is delicious, the restaurant is authentic, and the staff are kind.

I give this place 2 thumbs up out of 2. Rey Azteca has delicious authentic Mexican food, nice and energetic staff, and a real Mexican look to it.

Be sure to visit their website at:

*Please note that the website does not show all of their locations, so be sure to search online to find the other Pennsylvania restaurants. There are a few of them in Bucks County, Pa but under different names (Cancun & La Hacienda). I haven’t tried those yet, but I would expect a similar experience.