Zachary’s BBQ-Special Follow Up Visit

Zachary’s BBQ-Special Follow Up Visit

Feb 02

brooke with chef taylorHi everyone! I was invited by the owner of  Zachary’s BBQ to pay another visit after my latest review of his restaurant, and I had a splendid time. I had the honor of meeting Chef Keith Taylor himself (who trained at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA))! When we first got there, my parents told the cashier to let him know Brooke was here. I was ready to order my usual, (BBQ pulled pork sandwich) and the chef came to the front to introduce himself and told the cashier to add their “fried macaroni and cheese balls” to my order. I was very curious to see what that dish had in store. I was elated to see a  delicious bowl of fried mac ‘n cheese balls be placed in front of  me, AND brought out to me by the chef himself! Chef Keith Taylor asked for MY opinion on how they tasted, as he sat at our table with us! I answered that they were delicious!! As I took my first bite, he told me that they weren’t even on the menu yet, and he was adding them next week. What a very special experience! These were beautiful fried mac ‘n cheese balls with marinara sauce (see the pic)! You can’t get much better than that. This is a truly kid-friendly dish! Note to kids: You may have been to restaurants where the mac ‘n cheese is good, but not the best. Come here and get the most ooey, gooey, and delicious mac ‘n cheese you’ve ever had!

This dish has the right amount of crisp and gooey texture which makes a great combo for this dish. It also smells divine. Lastly, this appetizer compliments any delicious offering here, and is something you wouldn’t find at a typical BBQ restaurant, which makes me smile.

If you want to explore more about Zachary’s BBQ, check out my other post on this restaurant, or visit their website @

During my visit I had some time to chat with the chef, as we had some questions for each other. This was a truly amazing experience for me, that I will always remember. Thanks Chef Taylor!!

zacharys mac n cheese ballsP.S. Reminder: You can purchase these macaroni and cheese balls as an appetizer/side this coming week!

Definitely a Bites with Brooke, Kid-Friendly Approved Dish!!